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Doctor Visits Made Easy

Health Preventics brings Functional & Personalized Medicine to you online through TeleHealth “virtual visits”. Instead of coming to us, we come to you – on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Our TeleHealth service meets this growing demand and makes your life a lot easier! [more]

Say Goodbye To The Waiting Room

TeleHealth online video visits are revolutionizing the way patients visit and interact with their doctor and receive personalized healthcare. No travel, parking, or taking extra time away. Think of us as your virtual “micropractice” on the internet!

A TeleHealth visit brings Dr. Swanson to you at your chosen space with always accessible and convenient wellness-focused healthcare. We are on your screen just a few clicks away! [more]

A couple enjoying Dr. Mark Swanson's functional medicine TeleHealth services.

Functional Medicine Made Convenient and Affordable

Personalized Direct Care


Think about it. You’ll never pay for a doctor visit again! Our Direct Care practice makes medical care simple, personalized and affordable again. Schedule as many visits as necessary too. Choose telehealth or in-office visits. Either way there’s never a visit fee, co-pay or deductible to pay.

Direct Care patients also receive scheduling priority, longer visits, and easy access to the doctor via phone, email or text. Plus, you’ll receive discounts on treatment protocols and routine lab tests.

Only $65 / month

No more, no less… just hundreds of dollars in savings. Our Direct Care practice cuts all the clutter and costs. Now, nothing gets in the way between you and the doctor. Signing up is easy and patients love it! [more]

Meet Dr. Mark Swanson

Dr. Swanson is a naturopathic physician (ND) practicing on the scenic Olympic Peninsula near Seattle. He is a graduate of Bastyr University and has provided science-based functional medicine for adults and seniors for over 30 years. He is a Contributing Editor for Naturopathic Doctor News and Review and writes the featured column The Expert Report.

Dr. Swanson was Senior Medical Advisor and product formulations specialist for the nations top rated practitioner supplement brand. He was National Director with Dr. Jeffrey Bland, the founder of Institute of Functional Medicine. Dr. Swanson recently co-authored a clinical study on treating bone loss based on “ChronoSynergy” that was published in the medical journal Aging, Jan. 2017. [Read More]

If you have a stubborn, chronic, and hard to treat health problem and want a natural solution to prescription drugs …we can help you with an effective, safe, and life changing therapy.

Dr. Mark Swanson, ND

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What is Preventics Care?

Functional Medicine Refreshed

Personalized, Preventative, and Proactive

You own your health. It’s personal. Make it good. The health detriments of waiting too long are real. We start by identifying and treating the subtle, earlier warning signs and causes, before its to late. This is a radical departure from traditional sickness and disease medicine that treats symptoms more often at later stages.

Return To Balance

We utilize advanced metabolic biomarker screening, science-based natural medicines, nutraceuticals, and personalized nutrition that target each of 5R’s – Recognize, Remove, Repair, Replace, Rebalance to acheive a healthy Return To Balance™ . This can reduce the “pile-up” of prescription drugs and may prevent unnessesary surgery.

ChronoSynergy – A Life in Rhythm  Health In Sync

ChronoSynergy™ uniquely describes our treatment protocol approach that closely aligns with the body’s cellular clocks and 24-hour circadian rhythms, including the gut microbiome and micro-flora “diversity”. In fact, the 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine was recently awarded for the discovery work on the body’s circadian rhythms.

Chrono Synergy and DNA

Functional Medicine Refreshed

Preventics Care protocols include OsteoPreventics™, HeartPreventics™, AgePreventics™, GutPreventics™, and HealthPreventics™, each address the underlying metabolic and cellular landscape and its functions occurring within the body’s organs, cellular health systems — right down to your “clock-genes” and DNA. This is the new Functional Medicine Refreshed!


Integrative Heart Plan™

Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention

Cardiac Risk Assessment

Inflammation Biomarkers

No Statin Solution

and more

Reverse Bone Loss

Osteopenia • Osteoporosis


The Foot Plan™

Rejuvenate Aging Bone

and more


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Constipation • Diarrhea

Leaky Gut • SIBO


and more

Women’s Balance

Belly-Brain Diet

Metabolic Reboot

AllerThera™ SLIT

ME23•DNA – PureGenomics

and more

Memory • Cognition


Arthritis • Joints

Sleep • Stress • Mood

Fatigue • Energy

and more


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