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Become a Patient

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About TeleHealth

TeleHealth Brings The Doctor To You

From anywhere in Washington State or across the US, in any city or rural location, our Preventics Care is always at your space through the option of TeleHealth online visits. Many of our patients live hundreds of miles away. We are wherever you are – anywhere.

Online Scheduling

Schedule a date and time for your choice of TeleHealth or In-Office visit, using our quick link .  You can call to schedule a visit too – (360) 683-1110.  Convenience is whatever way works best for you!

Convenient Care • Always On Time • Hassle Free

Our TeleHealth real-time online visits deliver a personalized, accessible, and convenient visit on your computer, smartphone, or mobile device. We make it easy and hassle free.

Never a wait.  With TeleHealth, within a few minutes you can login, enter the virtual waiting room, and start your visit with Dr. Swanson  — from home, work, at the beach or gym, or anywhere you have internet access. Think about it. No more coughing waiting rooms, time away from work, travel,  traffic slow-downs or winter road mess.  All that stress is gone with TeleHealth visits.

TeleHealth Visit Intro

FREE TeleHealth Consultation

HIPAA Privacy Compliant

Our TeleHealth delivers a great patient experience that’s always engaging, informative, and completely hassle free — wherever you are.

…and is ideally suited for patients who have stubborn, complex health issues.

About Direct Care

One Low Monthly Fee • Unlimited Visits • No Visit Fees

Functional Medicine for less than the cost of monthly internet, cable TV, or a cell phone bill. It sounds incredible because it is. What’s not to like about saving a ton on your medical care? With Direct Care you’ll never have a patient visit fee, ever!

We’ve cut the expensive overhead and bloat and made it lean, affordable and hassle free. The high quality care remains – and your patient relationship with the doctor can return to the old fashioned way — that’s individualized, personalized, informative, and communicative.

You’ll always have access to Dr. Swanson. Join the thousands of patients across the country who now have Direct Care!  Patients love it!

Want more information?  Here’s a great article from our Doctors Digest Blog. Call us or schedule a FREE TeleHealth consultation. 

Join Direct Care • Only $65 / month

With a Direct Care membership the sign up commitment of $65 / month is just 6 months, then you are billed once monthly after for only as long as you want to remain a Direct Care patient.   You will always have unlimited visits whenever you need them at no visit fee. You can return to pay-for visits at anytime. It’s always your choice and under your control. The way it should be.

Additional Features of Direct Care

  • Opt in or out of a Direct Care Membership anytime.
  • Cancel membership anytime.
  • Extended visits, never rushed, personalized care
  • Priority scheduling
  • Always-in physician access
  • Talk-2-Doc direct communications by phone, text or email.
  • HIPAA compliant – Your patient records are always privacy protected.
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The most affordable way to treat, target, and transform your health!

Pricing Options:

Direct Care MEMBERSHIP – Unlimited Visits, No Visit Fees

$65.00 / mo   Most patients
$80.00 / mo   Complex illness
$95.00 / mo   Cancer co-therapy


$235.00 – $325.00   New Patient
$135.00 – $185.00   Established

Schedule Online

or call 360-683-1110

Have Questions? 4 Easy Options:

Our Patients Are Just Like You!


  • Adults and Seniors
  • Looking for functional medicine for repairing, restoring, and maintaining health, not mask symptoms.
  • Want science-based natural treatment solutions that work.



  • May have chronic, stubborn, hard to treat, and complex health issues.
  • Desire complimentary functional medicine to include in their healthcare team.
  • Looking for Preventic Care medicine for healthier living, aging and longevity.



  • Want utmost convenience and affordability for high-quality healthcare.
  • Want the option of Direct Care for unlimited visits for one low monthly fee.
  • Want the option of TeleHealth online visits using their smart phone, tablet or computer.



  • Looking for a NO SHOT alternative to allergy immunotherpy for trees, pollens, dust, animals, foods, etc.
  • Recognize that good health is in sync with the body’s circadian rhythms and gut microbiome.
  • You are a non-smoker and do not abuse drugs.

Say Goodbye to Sickness and Disease Medicine

We get that too. We focus on everything that makes you healthy with wellness medicine and Preventics Care.

It’s all outlined here on the website, including a FREE TeleHealth Consultation. It’s our invite to test drive us, ask questions and discover more.

Test Drive Us!

FREE TeleHealth Consultation

The New Patient Visit - What To Expect

Health Systems Review

Your health history and associated risk factors will be carefully reviewed, then explained how this may be affecting your overall health. We’ll discuss any medical tests and treatments you’ve had, your current medications and supplements, and the relevant facts about your healthcare that may not be addressing the underlying causes of your health problem.

Functional & Preventics Medicine Centered

  • Reveal the hidden risks, functional imbalances, toxicities, intolerances, genomic factors, and more key factors that are contributing to your health condition.
  • Identify and treat the causes, not the symptoms.
  • Restore greater wellness, reduce health risks, prevent major health events and achieve a healthier metabolic balance. We want to move the health pendulum towards wellness and away from sickness and disease.
  • ChronoSynergy targeted protocols addressing circadian rhythms and the gut microbiome.
  • Improve your overall health outcomes, achieve greater resistance and resilience, and promote healthy aging and longevity.
  • Promotion of a Life In Rhythm and Health In Sync.

Functional Assessments

We specialize in advanced functional testing from our partnering laboratories. The tests we utilize address all aspects of metabolic health. These go beyond routine tests to:

Diagnose and establish what, where, why, and how
your health problem is impacting you.

Functional tests can reveal hidden risks that are easily missed and overlooked. They are also a window to identifying your most urgent risks needing to take action on now. Many of these functional tests can be billed to insurance by the laboratories. We also utilize home test kits that eliminate blood draws.

Preventics Care Action Plan

  • A personalized Preventics Care Protocol using research-based natural therapy.
  • Nutraceuticals, natural medicines, natural hormones, etc., are prescribed that address functional and wellness medicine, not sickness and disease medicine.
  • Personalized ChronoSynergy Plan. Your nutraceutical and dietary recommendations will support your “body-clocks” to naturally sync healthy eating with your circadian rhythms. It’s not new. It’s already in your genes!
  • Support the gut microbiome to restore and maintain a healthy microflora “diversity”.
  • Support refreshed sleep quality.
  • Optimize or reduce your prescription medications where appropriate.


  • Establish your monitoring and progress schedule.
  • Support Life In Rhythm  Health In Sync