Dr. Mark Swanson

About Dr. Swanson

Every patient receives my expertise, compassion, and personalized Preventics Care.

I also make great smoothies, eat nuts, research, listen to blues, and ride a Harley!

Meet Mark Swanson, ND

Hi, I am a naturopathic physician (ND) licensed in Washington State. My office is located on the scenic Olympic Peninsula, near Seattle. I’ve provided science-based functional medicine for adults and seniors for over 30 years in private practice. I was also Chief Medical Advisor to the nations top practitioner brand supplement company for 25 years. I also worked with Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Founder of Institute of Functional Medicine.

I recently co-authored a clinical study on treating bone loss based on “ChronoSynergy” that was published in the world renowned medical journal Aging, Jan. 2017 issue.  Visit our Osteo Preventics page for treatment information.

DrSwanson.com was established to meet the growing demand for TeleHealth and Personalized Direct Care. There is no better convenience, easier access, and lower cost for Functional Medicine and Preventics Care than right here. Our Doctors Digest blog will also keep you “well” and informed about health.

Brief Background:

Do you have a stubborn, hard to treat health problem and want a natural solution to prescription drugs?

An effective, safe, and life changing therapy is here.

Dr. Swanson