Helpful Frequently Asked Questions

TeleHealth FAQ

What is a TeleHealth Visit?

It’s a virtual visit online that takes place between you and the doctor through video conferencing using your computer or smart phone, or any device with a camera that connects with the internet. It provides a similar experience and quality of care as an in-office visit.

What are the primary reasons why people prefer Telehealth?

Convenience, stress free, no travel, no waiting rooms, and always on time. Patients love it!

What browser do I need to conduct a Telehealth visit from my laptop, phone, or home computer?

Use Chrome, Firefox or IOS with this link:

What are the quickest steps to schedule a TeleHealth visit?

What is the TeleHealth cancellation policy?

Please give at least 24 hours notice of cancellation prior your TeleHealth visit to avoid a $50.00 cancellation charge.  This is the same as our in-office visit policy.

Can I schedule visits to be seen in the office also?

Yes. It’s your choice always.

Direct Care Membership FAQ

What is Direct Care Membership?

Direct Care teams you and the doctor for a newer, simpler and more affordable way for accessing health care. It offers unlimited visits whenever needed, no office visit fees, no copays or deductibles. It’s insurance-free and hassle free. Being membership based it centers around you whenever you need care. Direct Care is ideally suited for our patient-centered personalized functional medicine to be offered at the lowest possible costs anywhere.

Is Direct Care a form of insurance?

No. Here, it completely eliminates insurance hassles. If you have health insurance, use it to cover medical services from other providers, clinics and hospitals, emergency and catastrophic care, etc.

Do you accept any medical insurance or Medicare?

We are an insurance-free practice. However, many laboratory tests and prescription medications may qualify for billing to your insurance by the facilities and subject to your insurance policy limitations.

What services are covered and not covered by Direct Care?

Memberships include all the medical visits made at your and our request. We include personalized health coaching and all the visits recommended for the implementation, progress and monitoring of our Preventics Care services. Supplement discounts are included also. Not included in membership are other services not provided here; any outside referral medical visits, services and procedures; lab testing; some dispensed items; and prescription medications.

Do Direct Care members pay visit fees, copays or deductibles?

No. Never!

Does Direct Care limit the number of medical visits?

Never! Patients have unlimited visits available and can schedule whenever they feel it is medically necessary. This also enables us to better optimize our functional medicine protocols, monitoring and progress.

How can you charge only $65.00 per month for a membership with unlimited visits?

We have made it the as simple and affordable as possible by eliminating unnecessary practice overhead costs and delivering a greater portion of the high quality care through TeleHealth visits online. Coming soon is the option of having visits by privacy-secured, HIPAA compliant live chat!

Does Direct Care have a membership agreement?

Yes. It will outline our membership services, rules, expectations, patient privacy, fees and payments, communications, cancellation, and limitations, etc. We’ve kept it as short, easy to understand, and to the point as possible.

What is the Direct Care Membership cancellation policy?

Members can cancel a membership at anytime for any reason. Complete details are outlined in the Direct Care membership agreement.

Is there a minimum enrollment period to qualify for a $65.00/mo. membership?

Yes, only 6 months prepaid. Cancellations before 6 months revert to the pay-per-visit fees and any amount unused will be refunded minus a $50.00 cancellation fee.

Where can I access more information about Direct Care Membership?

We encourage you to schedule online for a FREE TeleHealth Consultation. Or, simply call us: 360-683-1110. Either choice, we are here to help. Visit our Doctors Digest blog for more information too!

Other FAQ

How are the lab tests performed?

Many of our functional medicine tests use self-collection kits mailed to your home with easy instructions for saliva, urine, stool, or blood spot collection. A postage-paid return mailer is provided. If blood draws are needed, these are done at a participating blood draw location nearest you.

Can I self order lab tests without being a patient?

Yes. Enter the HealthyTests Store that links with our selected tests offered by TruHealthLabs. Create your account and follow all instructions before selecting from tests available for purchase.

Can I purchase Dr. Swanson's recommended supplements without being a patient?

Yes, enter one of our 2 supplement stores. There is Wellevate for patients and Fullscript for everyone else. Enter the correct one, create your account and begin shopping.

How do I access patient forms?

Once you schedule to become a new patient the forms will be either emailed or made accessible to you online.

Do you use an Electronic Health Records (EHR) service?

Yes. After scheduling or at your visit, an EHR link will be sent to your email with instructions to set up your EHR account. You will use this to access your health records, receive lab orders and treatment instructions, etc

Do you provide emergency and urgent care?

No. If you have a life threatening medical emergency call 911.