Seasonal Allergies, Asthma, Hay Fever, Eczema, Food Allergy?

Hate the thought of allergy shots? We get that. The AllerThera™ protocol utilizes “SLIT”, Sublingual Immunotherapy drops that completely eliminate the need for allergy shots! SLIT is proven effective for inhalant allergies, such as pollens, trees, grasses, house dust, animal dander, mites, etc. It’s an ideal therapy for asthma, hay fever, sinus conditions, hives, and other bothersome allergy related conditions. SLIT preparations for food allergies are available too.

SLIT Oral Allergy Drops – No More Shots!

Think of it. Now you can treat all your allergies at home or wherever you are. No more fear, fuss and inconvenience. It’s so easy and convenient, and safe. Just once a day a few drops containing dilute allergens is held under the tongue for about 60 seconds. That’s it! There are virtually no side effects. This makes an ideal treatment for children with allergies. Asthma responds amazing well to the treatment.

AllerThera™ and SLIT – The Allergy “Sneeze & Wheeze” Solution

SLIT Oral Allergy Drops are a clinically researched treatment choice used in Europe for many years. It’s proven to achieve nearly symptom-free tolerance to most common allergens. If you are on the fence about ongoing allergy shots, SLIT is the solution.  The AllerThera™ protocol combines SLIT with our research-based nutraceutical protocols for optimal allergy support. The cost is surprisingly affordable!