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Think about it… Aging, thinning bones is not a deficiency of osteoporosis drugs! One of most repeated questions patients ask with bone loss: Is there a safer, natural alternative to osteoporosis drugs? One that reverses bone loss, helps with joint mobility and comfort, but has none of the drug side effects. The answer is Yes!

Many patients had already been taking calcium and combination bone support supplements for years, yet were still diagnosed with osteoporosis. Surprised? The truth is — these supplements simply don’t work. OsteoPreventics™ brings a new era to natural bone rejuvenation.

The FOOT Plan Treatment Cornerstone

Our treatment protocol is completely different. It is called Functional Osteopenia Osteoporosis Therapy (FOOT). It’s the only natural treatment proven to rejuvenate aging bone loss by restoring more youthful bone formation and quality. The most widely prescribed osteoporosis drugs don’t do this.

Research Surrounded by Nobel Prize Winners

We’ve proven its success with our patients for over 12 years and recently in a university clinical study, called “MOTS”. This was published in the prestigious medical journal Aging, whose authors have included 3 Nobel Prize recipients.

Our study used nutraceuticals timed with the body’s circadian rhythms, or “body-clocks”. The 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine was also awarded to 3 scientists who discovered circadian rhythms. When it comes to bone health – timing is everything !

The FOOT Plan™ works amazingly well to rejuvenate aging bone. It’s outlined in these two articles published in the Naturopathic Doctor News and Review:

The FOOT Plan: Natural Osteoporosis Cure
The FOOT Plan: Osteoporosis Therapy Update and Outcomes

Our clinical study published in Aging, January 2017 issue:
MOTS Study: Melatonin-micronutrient Osteopenia Treatment Study







A First-Line Therapy

Whether you have osteopenia or osteoporosis, this is the most effective First-Line natural therapy alternative to drugs for reversing bone loss and improving bone strength and quality. Preventing fractures is the primary goal, but never at the expense of side effects and less bone quality.

The MOTS Study

The Melatonin-micronutrient Osteopenia Study (MOTS), was a one-year double-blind placebo-controlled human trial measuring the effects of a novel nutraceutical combination on bone density and quality of life improvements in patients with osteopenia (the precursor to osteoporosis).

One-half took a supplement containing melatonin, strontium, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 (MSDK) each night before bed. The other half took a placebo. The study also measured MSDK effects on new bone formation. A Mayo Clinic research team also tested its effects on human adipose (fat) derived stem cells.

Creates Denser, Leaner, More Youthful Bone… During Sleep!

In the study, MSDK significantly increased bone density, whereas the placebo group continued to have bone loss. The density increase was comparable to the most commonly prescribed osteoporosis drug class, called bisphosphonates.

Aging thinning bones also accumulate bone marrow fat. This increases fracture risk too. A stunning discovery was the fat-derived stem cells treated with MSDK actually shifted from making bone fat to making new bone cells – a key factor needed to restore more youthful bone quality.

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ChronoSynergy Action

Sync’s With Body’s Circadian Clocks at Night

ChronoSynergy is the term we use to best describe how MSDK works. It means that melatonin, the body’s night time “clock’ hormone, acts as a powerful synergist with the other ingredients.

In the study, the combination essentially “rev’s up” new bone formation during sleep, reversing bone loss and bone fat, and restoring bone strength and quality and also protects whole-body cellular functions — while also improving sleep. No other bone loss supplement does this.

  • Start reversing bone loss the very first night
  • Works fast with Osteopenia and Osteoporosis
  • Safe and effective for all bone loss age groups
  • All natural, no drugs allowed!
  • MSDK is patent pending

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