Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention

Inflammation. It does its damage within the artery wall and interferes with the vessel’s ability to dilate properly. It makes even, tiny deposits of cholesterol plaque vulnerable to rupture, causing a massive clot. The result is a heart attack or stroke. Our Integrative Heart™ program can prevent that.

The Slow Burn In The Artery Wall

Inflammation in artery walls can occur with or without high cholesterol. It can be a result of numerous factors, such as diet, lifestyle, stress, depression, poor sleep, free radicals, oxidative stress, LDL cholesterol, insulin resistance, diabetes, abdominal obesity, fatty liver, gum disease, genetics, and more.

The “slow burn” of inflammation occurs within the artery wall and weakens plaque, making it more likely to rupture and form a massive clot causing a heart attack or stroke. It also interferes with the ability of arteries to dilate normally when they need to and contributes to elevated blood pressure.

Artery inflammation is silent. It’s difficult to detect without the having the latest generation biomarker tests that are highly sensitive. If it is present it can be treated right alongside cholesterol lowering. It’s no longer rocket science, it’s the new medicine.

Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Program

The New Heart Solution

The Integrative Heart™ Program utilizes a comprehensive step-wise action plan. It begins with the evaluation of your medical and family history and the factors surrounding your health that may be increasing heart attack and stroke risk. We’ll want to identify if inflammation and unstable plaque lesions are present within the artery wall and look at other major contributors of risk too. Then, we’ll treat these causes with Functional Medicine and natural therapy without drugs to neutralize the risks.

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